In The Beginning

We are a bunch of mates who have been doing outdoorsy stuff for decades. We got our taste for the outdoors while the majority of us were in the Scouting movement and followed those interests through into adult life - if you can really call us adults.

We enjoy all forms of outdoor activities ranging from Ski Touring, Hiking, Climbing and Caving.

The genesis of Dodgey started when we were back in Rovers - Hellsgate Rovers - and some of the team decided to embark on an inaugural ski tour. The idea that we were doing everything in a somewhat Dodgey fashion sort of stuck and we adopted the name Dodgey. Dodgey by name Dodgey by nature. Infact we are reasonably meticulous in our planning.

The following pages are a bit of a chronicle of our trips and exploits - I hope that you get inspired to try some of these things and see what is a great country we really live in.