Caving at Buchan

Buchan is located on East Gippsland approximately 340km East of Melbourne. Buchan is Limestone Karst and have some spectacular caves. Many caves are vertical and are well worth the visit. For cavers there is ample accommodation at the Buchan Reserve or at Homeleigh. The public caves within the caves reserve are spectacular and well worth the visit. The camp ground in the Caves Reserve is relaxing and very pretty with many walks to be done around the park. The swimming is - what can I say - cold.

Meals are always good at the local Pub where you can get a Buchan beer. A new breakfast code had opened recently in town and the food is pretty good as well.

The caving a Buchan was varied - there are some horizontal systems, many vertical systems and some systems with active streams. They all offer some thing different. After 30 odd years of caving at Buchan I can say that I still enjoy the caves and the surrounds. There is something special about Buchan and is a cave area that I visit regularly.

I have included a selection of photos and a couple of videos - one of our trip into Elk River that was really special - before the more recent flurry of activity associated with pushing the underground stream passage.