2013 - Overland Track - Day 1 - Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley Hut

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Friday morning we set off early with a bus ride to Ronny Creek to start the walk. It was raining but the area around Ronny Creek had a lovely dusting of snow and walking along the boardwalk made progress reasonably fast. Climbing up to Marion's Look out was pretty solid and as we approached the top the wind hit us. We reached to top, donned snow shoes and made some seriously good progress to eventually stop at Kitchen Hut for a quick lunch. The only trap with walking along the snow and following the trail is that occasionally you would step off the duck board and fall into the gap between the duck board and the surrounding vegetation. It was windy and somewhat wet. We were glad to arrive at our first hut for the night - Waterfall Valley. Our original plan was to camp out at Sutton Tarn - given the force of the wind, the fact that we were all soaked we decided that it would not be a great idea to camp out. Some would say were are soft - some would say. We had Waterfall Valley hut to ourselves - reading the log made for some entertaining reading.