2013 - Overland Track - Conclusion

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This was a really great walk and exceeded all of our expectations. I would thoroughly recommend this walk in Winter, but you do need to be prepared. Even though we stayed in the huts each night we carried 3 2 man tents for the 6 of us. The importance of this was brought home to us on our second day on the trail at Water Fall Valley Hut when the Scottsman and his walking partner arrived - one of them injured. The snow shoes were a godsend. They made progress easy and fast. It would have been so much harder if we were post driving every second step. The YakTrax were great on the duck board.

I've not walked this in Summer so I can't compare the between Winter and Summer on the Overland but the contrasts during Winter and on the clear days the fact that you are walking below the tree line for the walk and the ground is covered in snow is really something special. We did enjoy the huts and reading the log books, our entries were somewhat boring compared to others. One of the funniest ones was some guy who wrote "I was fat and happy at home playing video games, now I fat and unhappy and just want to get home" followed by threats of doing horrible things to his teacher etc etc. Some of the other walkers comments really didn't provide any sympathy to this kid. They did the walk in June/July so had some challenging conditions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this account of our trip on the Overland Trail