2012 - Jatbula Trail

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We walked the Jatbula trail in 2012. A great walk camping in spectacular camp sites always with superb water features

We had talked about Jatbula for some time and the great reviews that this hike had been given in the past by both friends and reading online journals. Early 2012 we were looking for a walk to do and the inevitable ski tour came up. Chis suggested that we look into the Jatbula trail and see if we could book some time in August/September of 2012. After a few phone calls Chis had managed to get a booking for 5 people on the trail starting on the 24th August 2012. A maximum of 15 people are allowed out on each day walking South to North along the track staying at each camp site for 1 night and then moving onto the next one the following day.

We had our trip idea booked - now the real organisation needed to start to happen. The trip members were JayBee, Cam, Greg Fowler, Pierre and Chis. Unfortunately Mr Bean could not come as some last minute changes with his working schedule precluded him from the trip. Organisation fell to Chis.

The walk was for 5 days - Friday 24th through to Wednesday 29th of August, we then had a few days to spend up in the top end so we decided to wing it but to stay for a couple of nights up at Jabiru. We booked our tours as we went. At Cooindia we booked a evening cruise on Yellow Water for Wednesday, Thursday we were off to Arnhem Land to an artists center called Injalak and then Friday we would spend in Darwin before flying out early Saturday morning arriving back in Melbourne at about 12pm