Sea Kayaking - a new set of adventures

In 2017 the idea was floated (pardon the pun) that we should look at doing some Sea Kayaking with the objective of circumnavigating the Whitsunday Islands. To be able to do this safely there were some basic skills that we needed to know - eg learning how to Sea Kayak. As a group we had prior experience in kayaking in rivers and lakes, but the bank is always close by and waves are not so much of issue.

Cam organised a session with Rowan, awesome, down at his business in Sandringham where could learn some basic skills such as how to get back into a capsized kayak, how to signal others when out, the importance of reading the tides and weather as well as some of fundamentals of paddling. The course was for a weekend and was pretty darn good.

We took up the offer to take the kayaks for another 4 hour trip several weekend later.

We were on our way.

Below is the start of our collection of Sea Kayak trips that we have done so far.

We sail under the flag of the Jolly Roger - Arrrr